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T.O.E.C. Local Main Clients:

- Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources.
- Ministry of Communication.
- Ministry of Electricity.
- Public Establishment of Electricity for Generation and Transmission PEEGT.
- Al-Furat Petroleum Company AFPC.
- Syrian Petroleum Company SPC.
- General Organization for Sugar GOFS.
- General Company of Homs Refinery HRC.
- General Company of Banias Refinery BRC.
- General Fertilizer Company GFC.
- General Establishment for Cement Industry.
- Al-Ahliah Vegetable Oil Co. AVOCO.
- General Company for Land Reclamation.
- PEEGT Public Establishment for Generation and Transmission of Electricity

T.O.E.C. Main Foreign Companies:

- Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. MHI (Japan).
- N.V. De Smet S.A. Engineers and Contractors DSEC (Belgium).
- TECHNOEXPORT Czech Republic.
- HYUNDAI Heavy Industry Ltd. HHI (Korea).
- HYUNDAI Engineering and Construction Ltd. HDEC (Korea).
- Forney (USA).
- SIEMENS (Germany).
- GBG, Gleitbau Salzburg GesmbH (Austria).
- Abrigada Companhia Nacional De Refractarios, SA (Portugal).
- Ericsson, Sweden
- Areva T&D, France
- Koch Transporttechnik Gmbh, (Germany)
- Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Power Generation, (Germany).
- TurboCare, Italy.

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