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Uplifting capacity of KARATCHOUK- TARTOUS P/L (18” ~ 24“) from 8.5 ~ 14.5 million m3/y.


Owner: SCOT, Syrian Company for Oil Transportation

Main Contractor: TOEC

Project Description:

A - Examining the primary studies, elaborate the final study and specify all procurement and execution requirements.

B - Execution of four pumping stations, each one consists of:

1- Civil Work: Execution of control and operation buildings, casting the concrete foundations for the main and auxiliary pumps, erection of oil separation basins, fire fighting network system, housing blocks, roads, yards and artesian wells.

2- Mechanical Work: Installation of the main and auxiliary pumps, piping and wrapping.

3- Electrical Work: Include the following:

- 6 kv high voltage equipment.

- Cells and cables protection devices.

- Transformers and accessories.

- 4 kv equipment.

- Motors and accessories.

- Connecting valves and oil & cooling circuits to the main pumps and the power mains.

- Installing high voltage auxiliary power supply system.

4- Instrumentation Work: Installation of control panels, protection devices and other electronic equipment as well as all necessary connections for automatic operation system.

C – The new pipeline and branches on the main line: Includes the construction of:

1- P/L of 90 km long and 18” dia.

2- 9 branches of 90 km long and 22” dia.

The work includes all excavation, welding and connecting to the main line, coating with Polyken, lowering in, backfilling, small river crossings and EL – KHABOUR river crossing at a length of 600 m.

 - Development study and execution of pump stations communications using a microwave system.

 - Development study and execution of cathodic protection for pipeline and pump stations.

 - Carrying out the pipeline hydraulic pressure tests and the whole project operation test.

 - Procurement of 22\" and 18\" diameter pipes with all necessary valves and all pumping stations’ equipment.

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