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OMAR Field- TESHREEN Power Station P/L Project (260 KM)

OMAR field- TESHREEN Plant, 1991 - 1992

Owner: AFPC, Al-Furat Petroleum Company

Main Contractor: Military Housing Establishment

Project Description:

- TOEC was the subcontractor for Military Housing Establishment for 260 Km long of P/L with different diameter, achieved the following works:

1 - Bending pipes to suit earth inclination and ditch direction according to the required angles.

2 - Cleaning and preparation pipes heads for welding.

3 - Pipe welding according to the \"AMERICAN Oil Institute\" provided that the defect should not be more than 4 %.

4 - Cleaning all welded joints and coating with heat shrink sleeves.

5 - Testing all welding joints and pipes by the isolation detector to insure a good quality of coating and repair any defects if any.

6 - Lowering pipes in the ditch.

7 - Connecting and welding all parts of pipes after lowering in the ditch, coating and testing these joints.

8 - TOEC were committed to execute 1.5 Km daily of the pipeline completely welded and ready for hydraulic test and totally not less than 10.5 Km weekly.

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