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JANDAR C/C Power Plant (660 MW)

JANDAR, HOMS, 1993 - 1996

Owner: PEE, Public Establishment for Electricity

Main Contractor: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., JAPAN

Project Description:

 The project is a power station with 4 gas turbines and 2 steam turbines for total capacity of 660 MW with the related worker’s housing.

The station consists of the following:

 A- Civil works:

Site grading and leveling, Gas turbine foundations, Silencer foundations, By-pass stack foundations, Gas turbine auxiliaries foundations, Transformer foundations, Sub-station equipment foundations, Electrical equipment foundations, Clarification plant, Water reservoir (raw/filtered), Sewage treatment plant, Gas oil storage tank foundations, Gas oil auxiliary foundations, Gas oil unloading pump station, Gas reducing pressure station, Gas auxiliaries foundations, Duct support foundations, Pipe rack foundations, Cable trench and pipe trench, Rain water drainage, Plant waste water drainage, Sewage drainage, Access road, Plant roads and paving, Car parks and sun shades, Fence and gates, Landscaping, Outdoor lighting foundation, Transmission cable way, Waste water treatment plant, Steam turbines reinforced foundations, Steam turbines auxiliary foundations, Heat recovery boilers foundations, Heat recovery boilers auxiliary foundations, Stack foundations and cylinders, Cooling towers foundation, Gas turbine auxiliaries foundations, Duct support foundations, Air-cooled condenser foundations, Slopes protection and open ditch, C/W pump pit, C/W supply line, C/W discharge line.


B - Buildings and structure works:

Control building, Administrative building, Work shop and store, Water treatment plant house, Fire service building, Laboratory, Canteen, Gate house, Car service shop, Transfer pump station house, Hydrogen generating plant house, Substation controls and relay building, Simulator building, Staff camp with accommodation, Staff offices, Raw/filtered water pump house, Offices for Public Establishment of Electricity, Steam power house, Water pump house, Chemical store.


C- Workers Housing


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