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PALMYRA Gas Project PH-II, NAJEEB GGS Incl. 50 KM 12” P/L and 18 KM 5” Flow-lines

NAJEEB, PALMYRA, 1998 - 2000

Owner: SPC, Syrian Petroleum Company

Main Contractor: BENTINI Construzioni, ITALY

Project Description:

TOEC Scope of Work: TOEC scope of work was the whole local Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Control and Instrumentation, Cathodic Protection, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning.

A. Civil Work:

1.Sites Preparation at the 4 sites NGGS, 5 wells sites, BVS, and Arak Slug Catcher.

2. Foundations for buildings, equipment skids, tanks, vessels, generators....etc.

3. Steel Structure for pipe racks, pipe-supports, pipe-sleepers and Sun Shades.

4. All Buildings at NGGS:

Telecommunication and control building, MCC building, Warehouse and Gate house.

5. All BVS Buildings:

Telecommunication building and BVS building.

6. Culverts.

7. Internal and external roads.

8. Fences and gates.

9. Fire fighting system.

10. Sewage system.

B. Mechanical Work:

1. Loading, transporting and unloading material and equipment.

2. Equipment’s installation (skids, vessels, pumps, generators, compressors, slug catcher and               pre-fabricated tanks…etc.,).

3. Tanks fabrication.

4. Piping.

5. Pipes erection.

6. Installation of skids of the gas treatment unit, AMINE unit.

7. Pipe fabrication at the gas treatment unit, AMINE unit.

8. Pipe erection at the gas treatment unit, AMINE unit.

9. Under ground piping and erection.

10. Hook-up and hydro-test

11. Painting and priming for steel structure, pipe support, tank, and pipes.

12. Heat-insulation of piping and equipment.

13. Execution of 50 km pipe line of 12”.

14. Execution of 18 km flow line of 5”.

15. NDT for the whole welding activities.

C. Electrical, Control and Instrumentation:

1. Grounding and lightening.

2. Cable tray and supports.

3. External and internal lighting.

4. Cable terminal.

5. Communication System.

6. Electrical feeding for 132” at BVS including material transportation, poles and cable installation.

7. Instrument hook-up.

8. Instrument calibration.

D. Cathodic Protection.

E. Pre-commissioning and commissioning:

TOEC made the whole commissioning activities and handed over the station working to the client.




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