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Al-Ahliah Vegetable Oil Co. E. S. A. (AVOCO) Project

HAMA, 1998 - 2000

Owner: AVOCO

Main Contractor: N.V. DE SMET S.A. Engineers & Contractors BELGIUM

Project Description:

The project is a plant for processing oil seeds and oil in HAMA, SYRIA, and T.O.E.C. is responsible for Construction Works and Electro-Mechanical Erection Work.

-     Construction works means construction of all civil works such as foundations, buildings, tunnels, channels, fences, roads…etc.,

This section includes all site constructions and structural steel works required of the whole factory according to the following layout:

1-Seed Reception and storage

White Cotton Seed Storage, Sunflower, Black Cotton Seed Silos, Sunflower Seed Silos, White Cotton Seed Day Bin, Black Cotton/ Sunflower Seed Day Bin.

2-Cotton Seed Delinting: Delintinig, Lint Baling, Daily Bales Store, Lint Bales Store.

3-Crushing: Decortication Plant, Full Pressing (Preparation Plant)

4-Cake/ Hull Treatment/ Storage

Cake Grinding, Hull Baling, Cake Bags Storage, Hull Bales Storage


Neutralizing, Bleaching, Deodorizing, Winterizing, Hydrogenation, Post Treatment, Water Decanter

Hydrogen Production Plant, Hydrogen HP Storage

6-Oil Storage

Imported Crude Oil Tanks, Expeller Crude Oil Day Tank, Crude Oil Day Tank, Intermediate Neutral, Bleached Oil Tanks, Blending Tanks, Hydrogenated Oils, Post Bleached Oil Tanks, Soap Stock Tank, Refined Oil Tanks, Waxes Tanks, Caustic Soda Tanks, Fatty Acid Tank, Retention Wall, Drum Filling Area, Drum Yard

7-Oil/ Ghee Conditionings

Ghee Plant, Ghee Conditioning, Oil Conditioning, Oil/ Ghee Storage


Refinery Clean Cooling Tower 1&2, Boiler Plant, Water Treatment, Air Compressors, Stand By Generator, Incoming Station, Effluent Treatment, Fuel Tanks, Underground Water Tank, Fire Fighting Pumping Station

9- Auxiliaries

Weigh bridge, Workshop – Spare Part Store

10- Sewage

11- Roads

12- Fence & Gates

13- Pipe Racks    

-     Electro-Mechanical work includes:


2-Unloading & Storage

3-Erection of Equipment

4-Steel Structure

5-Piping: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Steam Tracing

6-Insulation: Piping, Vessels & Equipment

7- Painting: Steel Structure, Equipment

8-Fire Fighting Loop: Underground Piping, Hydrant & Hose Reels.

Control & Electrical Works: Cable Tray Works, including supports, External Lighting One Arm Pole, Internal Lighting 1 * 58 W fixtures, Power& Control Cables Laying & Tying, Cable Terminations, Telephone Socket, Earthing and lightening.

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