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Repairing of Atmospheric Unit Column 101 in BANIAS Refinery During Shut Down

BANIAS, 2003

Owner: BANIAS Refinery Co.

Main Contractor: Technoexport, Czech Republic

Project Description:

T.O.E.C. Scope of Work:

1- Civil work: all related civil work.

2- Construction work: including:

A) Heaters: 2 PCs

A1) Radiant tube coil prefabrication and welding

A2) Dismantling of burners and refractory

A3) Installation of new steam air preheaters.

A4) Dismantling of existing tube coils

A5) Installation of new refactory anchors and nozzles

A6) Installation of new tube support

A7) Installation of new refractory

A8) installation of new tube coils.

B) Heat Exchangers:

B-1)Dismantling of existing heat exchanger

B-2) Installation of new exchangers, leveling, grouting, interconnection.

B-3) Installation of piping around exchangers.

C) Atmosphere Column 101 CI

C-1) Dismantling of Existing Trays

C-2) Installation of new internals

D) Pumps 101-p22 A,R 

D-1) Dismantling of existing pumps.

D-2:) Installation of new pumps, leveling and grouting

E) Desalter 101 D

E1): Dismantling of existing internals in 101-D1.

E2): Installation of new internals for 101-D1

F) Common activities for overall project

1. Dismantling of existing piping around existing / replace equipment

2. installation of conduit system on pipe racks and steel structures 3. electrical installation 4. instrumentation installation  5.Piping prefabrication 6.Painting 7.Insulation .8.Piping erection 8. Piping erection

G) pre -commissioning

G-1): Pumps, electric motors, G-2) Heaters, 3. Commissioning, 4. as built drawings, 5. Site cleaning

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