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Construction of an integrated Oil Seed Crushing plant, Yanbu

Saudi Arabia Yanbu, 2005 - 2008

Owner: Oil Seeds Crushing Co.

Main Contractor: De Smet Engineers & Contractors S.A

Project Description:

TOEC Scope of work includes the following:

Civil and Architectural Works.

Electro-Mechanical works includes the followings:

1- Conventional & Pre Engineering Steel Structure includes the followings:

Ladders, Platforms, Handrail, Mesh Fences, Shocker Plate, Perforated, Galvanized -Grating, Pipe supports & Equipment supports.

2- Painting.

3- Insulation: Pipes & Equipments.

4- Equipment Erection.

5- Piping - Fabrication, Welding, installation, (Carbon Steel pipes, Stainless Steel Pipe & Plastic Pipes).

6- Power Distribution and Control

- Cable Trays - Ladder Type + Basket Type.

- Conduits

- Power and control cables laying and tying

- Cables Terminals

- Grounding & Earthing

- Lightning Protection.

- External and Internal lighting

- Distribution panels

- Transformers

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