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Base de vie (EPC)

Algeria, Houd El Hamra, 2007 - 2010


Main Contractor: TOEC

Project Description:

SPA TOEC Algeri, is executing residential complex city consists of 107 buildings cover the area of 30,000 m ²  structured as follows:

12  blocks (96 studios) for  FIR.

24  blocks (48 studios)  for cadres.

4    blocks (65 studios) for agent de execution.

63  blocks (252 studios) for agent de maitrise.

4    villas for  VIP.

Supplied with air conditioning systems, fire fighting system, plumbing and sanitary system, potable water supply system, hot water supply systems, Solar system and earthing system and sewage treatment.

Water reservoir tank 12,000 m³.

Water tower reservoir 500 m².

Access road and service roads is 9 m.

Restaurant, swimming pool, security building.

Car parking and conference hall

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